"Quand mes frères se courbent" (Moncef Ghachem) - The fraternity of doing


February 19,2020

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February 28,2020


February 18,2020

Meeting and discussions with Giuseppe Caccavale

Molka Haj Salem
+216. 71 781 467

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The Rambourg Foundation Tunisia organizes a day open to the general public around meetings and discussions, on February 29 th. They will be an opportunity to discover the different artistic practices, the creative approaches and the journey of three renowned artists, each working in different specialties.
These three exchanges are part of a broader reflection, it is about questioning and crossing the experiences, approaches and points of view of these artist researchers.

Saturday february 29, 2020, from 4 pm to 6 pm at the headquarters of the Rambourg Foundation : 

"Quand mes frères se courbent" (Moncef Ghachem) - The fraternity of doing.
Meeting & discussions

Speaker: Giuseppe Caccavale 

Giuseppe Caccavale is an Italian painter specializing in mural art (frescoes). His works are mainly inspired by the Italian Renaissance and are notably made from natural elements: Wood, glass, hollowed wood ... Although his career is dotted with the many works he has done, his artistic approach nevertheless tends towards elements and more precisely, their essence. The design of his works is not guided by linearity, but rather focuses on the natural process of creation.

Quand mes frères se courbent
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