Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Rambourg Foundation

    What is the Rambourg Foundation?

    Established in 2011, the Foundation works mainly for the development of the creative and cultural economy in Tunisia through territorial development. It is committed to evolving our society by bringing art, culture, heritage, sport and creativity closer to individuals.

    What are its missions?

    The mission of the Rambourg Foundation is to allow all citizens a fair access to culture; develop cultural resources at all territorial scales; develop knowledge of the creative economy, and promote exceptional routes. Consult our blueprint

    Is it possible to receive documentation?

    You can access all of our documentation here.

  • Make a donation

    How can I donate?

    You can make a donation by bank card on the Foundation's website, or by check payable to the Rambourg Foundation. We also accept punctual and permanent transfers. A tax receipt is issued for each donation received.

    For any questions about your donation, visit the "Contribute" section.

  • Hiring

    Do you accept interns?

    For any internship request, please send your file to and specify the dates.

    Are you currently recruiting?

    All job offers are available here.

  • Financial aid

    Is it possible to get financial assistance outside of calls for projects?

    The allocation of grants is made exclusively within the framework of our calls for projects.

  • The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Contemporary Art 2020