June 4,2020

Within the framework of the professionalization of the creative and cultural sector, the bill n ° 104/2017 relating to the artist and the artistic trades adopted by the Ministerial Council on December 6, 2017 and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, raised strong critical reactions highlighting the shared concerns regarding the restrictive orientation of the text.

June 3,2021

From Eminem to Kevin Smith to Cardi B, the use of NFTs has recently received a lot of media attention, highlighting what many are quick to call a revolution : the blockchain.

April 14,2021

Launch of the new podcast "Culture sans filtre"

October 28,2020

In view of the exceptional circumstances, the jury of the third edition of the Rambourg Foundation prize has agreed on a new calendar for the remaining events.

September 12,2020

Educational concert of classical music and lyrical singing for kids

July 21,2020

Today marks the closure of the field surveys regarding the support program for Tunisian crafts in partnership with ONAT, in order to produce a dematerialized map of the handicraft object.

July 6,2020

The Rambourg Foundation is joining forces with Enda inter-arabe by providing its expertise developed during the "Workshops" to make an exchange program a reality.

June 18,2020

Episode 2: Traditional crafts

May 21,2020

Episode 1: Culture

May 15,2020

Our competition continues exceptionally until June 08!

April 3,2020

Participation of the Rambourg Foundation in the Culture Recovery Fund, initiated by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs to support artists and highly destabilized professionals.

April 1,2020

COVID-19 - Special press release

March 20,2020

International virtual conference : COVID-19 crisis & Emergency funding Mechanisms: what action plan for the Cultural and Creative sector?