2017 Annual Report

Activity Report

  1. The Rambourg Foundation presentation 
  2. The Rambourg Foundation history
  3. Directors and governance for 2017
  4. Projects completed or in progress during 2017
  5. Moral assessment of the Rambourg Foundation for the year 2017

2017, a particularly flourishing year.

Indeed, the year 2017 is marked by the official launch of the activities of the Rambourg Foundation. More than 10 projects benefited from support and accompaniment. Among these projects:

  • Organizing The Awakening of a Nation exhibition
  • Financing Dream City Festival 2017
  • Financing the 32nd edition of the International Symphonic Music Festival of El Jem 2017 
  • Organizing the 2nd edition of the Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture
  • Financing of the "Close-up urban landscapes of Tunisia" project organized by the El Jem association for art and culture
  • Renovating El Blat primary school in Bizerte
  • Constructing a school canteen and an equipment project and a multipurpose room in the delegation of Menzel Bourguiba
  • Creating partnership between the Rambourg Foundation and Mamie Couscous